This short is based on a incredible story my grandfather told me since I am a child, leaving me speechless every time. It takes place in the second word war in Italy, to be exact in a small and unknown village, called Monte Codruzzo. While already hiding in the countryside with his family to escape the war, he miraculously escaped once again, and survived an fatal airstrike on the village they had come to hide.
As soon as I was old enough I started to visit all the places from his story. I started asking more and more questions about the details, the atmosphere and the feelings he had. 
For this film I tried to capture the emotions as close as possible to what I got conveyed, distorted through the eyes of a child in the 21. Century.
During the process I searched through old film archives, had various conversations with my wonderful grandparents and made numerous tours to the small village.
This film focuses on conveying one special feeling, my grandparents recount with fear. The sounds of the air raid warning, surprising and simultaneously anticipated with anxiety. 
The constant Fear of death. Running literally for your life, Surrounded in the air and on the ground. 
The unrecognizable silhouettes, unstoppable carriers of destruction in the sky, one can only watch approaching, powerlessly, and the swarm of tanks.
While recounting the details of the escape is definitely even more fascinating, portraying them is a larger project, which I will definitely approach as soon as possible.
The impact of their stories on me is beyond words. I hope I can convey only a fraction of it to you, and make you think.
Special thanks to Giulia Magnani, who I dragged more or less against her will in the middle of nowhere, down steep hills full of insects and other animals past ruins and snakes, only to then be even filmed.
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