I think every photographer at some point created a body of work around his close surroundings. Many, probably myself included, discovered their eye and passion for the camera while doing it.  Capturing ones coevals always comes with a huge benefit:  the camera is not seen as a threatening object, not even as a relevant tool in the context of the get-together. As an result the subjects are not alternating their behaviour in any kind of way. Images are rarely as "comfortable" as they are in this context in cases where the subject does not have any relationship with the image-maker; thus, as the image maker I suddenly see an incredible chance. I can portray my surroundings and backgrounds in a raw and unbiased way. And this is exactly what I did. 
These images are shot on a crappy old camera, and sometimes on film. These Photographies are not staged in any way and this entire series does not exist for the sake of a new project; in other words because I had the intention to create a new body of work; it is a byproduct of my manic need to have a tool to capture life with me. 

This series is an ongoing side project and hopefully collection of the unseen side of our generation. Quintessentially it will continue until I realise I am entering a new phase of my life. 
And finally, thanks to this series I discovered my visual aesthetic, I discovered who I am; at least visually. 

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